To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the opportunity to work with Mark on a professional basis for over two years. He is extremely knowledgeable with computers, hardware and software. Mark's focus with consulting is not only limited to his computer knowledge but includes his ability to listens to questions and problems and then react accordingly.

Mark's professionalism is extended beyond the corporate world to people like myself, who need to be taught how to properly utilize the computer.

Mark is a gentleman of integrity and intelligence. He approaches everything with enthusiasm and motivates others to achieve their potential. He is someone people feel comfortable to turn to for help.

I am confident Mark will bring success wherever he decides to work. If you have the opportunity to hire Mark, you will be adding to your staff someone who will bring immeasurable wealth.


Sophia Litt, President
Clark and Company
Executive Health Care Recruiting Company
San Dimas, California 91773

To Whom It May Concern:

Mark assisted me with upgrading my older computer on several occasions.  Everything worked beautifully.  His advice was also very helpful.  After deciding to invest in a more powerful PC and peripherals, once again I turned to Mark for advice.  He assisted me with comparison-shopping on-line and I am certain that I made a wise purchase.  Mark installed my new PC, peripherals and loaded in all of the software.  I continue to use his services regarding system security and maintenance.  As a result, I have been fortunate enough to avoid viruses and security breaches.

Thanks Mark!

Michaeleine Nicholson
Computer Applications Consultant

To Whom It May Concern

       We have known Mark Weiss and his family for over two years. He has done computer installation and programming for us, and is very knowledgeable and efficient.
       We can vouch for his character. He is honest, reliable, loyal, and dependable, He is a sound family man and friend.
       We would not hesitate to hire him again, and we give him our wholehearted recommendation.

R.H. Register
VP Marketing Consumer Affairs, Atlantic Richfield Company, retired
Executive Director, Industry Manufacturers Council, City of Industry, retired
POB 473, Placentia, CA 92871

To Whom It May Concern

       Mark Weiss is a parent in our school and has been a tremendous help to me in the Computer Lab.  Mr. Weiss' knowledge in computer technology, both as a stand-alone or a network, is commendable.  In the numberous occasions that he has helped me in the lab, Mr. Weiss showed me his broad knowledge of computers and peripherals as well as practical tips and advice.
       I have been a computer teacher in this school for 7 years now and of all the computer helpers that I had all these years, Mr. Weiss is the first volunteer who not only got the job done but also made sure that I knoew what was done/fixed and how/shy.
       I thank him for his invaluable service and it is my privilege to recommend him to whoever requires his expertise.


Chakie De Guzman
Saint Anne School
Santa Ana, Ca 92707

To Whom It May Concern

Mark Weiss has worked on our numerous computers and related equipment since 1992. He was involved in the following activities:

1.  Purchasing, installation and repair of all hardware like computers, modems, faxes, monitors and scanners.
2.  Purchasing, installation and trouble shooting of software like operating systems and applications.
3.  He has written various computer programs that I have used.
4.  He maintains our web-site.

Without Mark, our computer activities would be slower and a lot more frustrating. With Mark we do not have any problems. He is able to access our computers from his house.  He can then can instruct us, or make adjustments, at our request.

Rev. Jan H. Weiss
New Church Outreach
PO Box 342
Placentia, CA 92871