My objective is to come to your location to assess your current situation and find out what your goals are.  Then, together, we can map out a strategy to achieve your goals.  This is a quick process.  Many of the problems I encounter can be solved and avoided in the future by keeping the process simple, purposeful, and organized.  By analyzing your computer habits, I can give you some tips to be more efficient and avoid problems.   I have a talent for explaining "computereze" in plain English, which helps people become very comfortable with their computers.  When I'm finished, you will be happy with the result, and will have the knowledge to accomplish what you want with your computer.  I will also show you how to protect your valuable data from damage or loss.

I can also offer my services on a retainer basis.  This is especially useful for business clients whose employees would then feel free to ask questions that could prevent lengthy service calls.

Call me so that I can help eliminate the mysteries surrounding your computer.

Mark Weiss